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St. Louis, MO

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Inc a predecessor but separate company from Pinnacle Entertainment Group LLC was an amusement operator in some 75 locations, primarily serving Wal-Mart Stores, Inc, in Southern Illinois and Eastern Missouri. Pinnacle partnered with a local operator in San Juan, PR to operate an additional 75 locations throughout Puerto Rico. Both businesses specialized in crane and merchandise machine operations, along with video games, kiddie rides, and bulk vending. Pinnacle was active in a series of acquisitions and divestitures:

August, 1996: Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. and Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. founded.

October, 1999: Mr. McAuliffe negotiated the sale of Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. to Family Golf Centers, Inc. (NASDAQ: FGCI).

February, 2001: Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. acquired the assets of Pinnacle Entertainment, Inc. from FGCI.

January, 2002: Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. acquired the assets of Lorin Associates, a St. Louis based amusement operator. Pinnacle incorporated many of the locations, sold others, and closed underperformers, liquidating excess inventory.

April, 2005: Pinnacle Entertainment Group sold all of its game assets to Coinstar, Inc. (NASDAQ: CSTR)

April, 2005 – April, 2008: Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. focuses on developing its consulting practice.

April, 2008: Pinnacle Entertainment Group, Inc. suspends operations, Mr. McAuliffe merges his consulting practice into Redemption Plus, LLC, which forms Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors by Redemption Plus to launch its consulting and Customer Success capabilities.