Pinnacle Entertainment Group possesses the widest development and operating experience in the family entertainment industry.

Pinnacle is one of the few Family Entertainment Center (FEC) consulting teams which has actually owned and operated FECs for its own account, as a partner, or as a corporate manager. Pinnacle’s president, George McAuliffe, led the team which opened Time-Out on the Court in Cincinnati, OH in 1989- one of the first of the modern day FEC’s in the United States. Since 1983, Pinnacle has operated public space entertainment centers from 2,000 to 150,000 square feet including components like bowling centers, restaurants, tourist attractions, ice skating, rides, laser tag and redemption and merchandise games.

In today’s market, Family Entertainment Centers including arcades (or more accurately, Modern Redemption Game Rooms) are typically added to another attraction or facility; for example, a Movie Theater, Bowling Center, or Hotel. However, there is certainly a place for stand alone Family Entertainment Centers, which can attract a large and loyal customer base when done well.