CEC Theaters are theater chain operating in the Midwest hired Pinnacle to help develop an entertainment component to their newly acquired bowling center. CEC Theaters is a theater operator but were able to purchase a bowling center that was attached to their theater in Norfolk, NE for an attractive price. In addition to upgrading the facility, we identified a redemption arcade as the natural first step to adding entertiainment to the property. The project included new carpet, pain, and top notch game mix, Intercard system, and custom built redemption counter. Norfolk is a small market but given lack of competition, the profitability of the arcade justified this significant investment and has been very successful. While this investment was worth it, we did not feel spending significantly more on a major attraction like laser tag was justified. This is a good example of the importance of not underinvesting in a small market, while also keeping the risk reasonable to the market.”,,
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