If you’re thinking of getting into the family entertainment center industry but aren’t sure where to start, consider hiring a consultant to help you navigate the waters. Starting a business is a challenging and rewarding pursuit, but can come with many obstacles that you weren’t aware of, especially in the family entertainment center industry.

Knowing how to set up an arcade business is especially complex with so many factors to consider from how many tickets to dispense per game and how many tickets to charge for prizes to how to manage various KPIs that are essential to maximizing efficiency and profitability.

Hiring a consultant, such as Pinnacle Entertainment Group, is beneficial because they specialize in industry knowledge and understanding the different options that are available to you from selecting the right attractions to finding the best location to set up your business.

What to Consider When Opening a Family Entertainment Center

Family Entertainment Center Industry Consultant

Deciding to open your own entertainment center can be an exciting revelation. You are charging forward with a business that will help bring joy and fun to thousands of families each year. Your first instinct might be to look at what games or attractions you want to include in your entertainment center, but there’s a lot more to do first such as:

  • Location: where will your entertainment center be built? Are there existing spaces that suit your needs or do you need to purchase land and build?
  • Competitors in the area: is there anything similar around the location? How will this impact the attractions you choose?
  • What type of entertainment: What type of family entertainment center do you want to open? Do you want to anchor the center with bowling, a restaurant, or even a hotel?
  • Hiring: How can you most efficiently staff the facility while providing a great customer experience?
  • Funding: Does your bank need you to provide a business plan and economic model showing how this business will be profitable?

All of these questions can be overwhelming when you are starting out, which is why hiring a family entertainment century industry consultant can help you solve these questions.

Benefits of Hiring a Family Entertainment Center Industry Consultant to Understand the Feasibility of Your Project

Family Entertainment Center Industry Consultant

A family entertainment center industry consultant will help you plan, start, and analyze your business to make sure it’s on the right track. Your consultant will help you comb through the details of opening your own amusement center and help smooth out any issues that might arise. There are many benefits to hiring a family entertainment center industry consultant including:

Full Feasibility Study

Before you even begin breaking ground on your project, a family entertainment consultant will help you analyze and plan your dream. They will look into local demographics, competitors, and create a project outline for you, as well as estimate financial projections. In many cases, a feasibility study is needed to obtain any lender funding as it provides essential business plan information and minimizes risk.

Family Entertainment Center Business Plan Creation and Design

Finding the right brand, design, and layout for your family entertainment center or arcade is an essential component for creating returning guests. A consultant can assist you from logo design, building layout to create a store, mood boards, and even help with engineering and construction bids. They will make sure your vision is feasible and long standing for the future.

Provide Operational Analysis

Once you have been running your family entertainment center, a consultant will complete an audit of your business. They will analyze everything from beverage and food sales to any underperforming games. With the data, they can make recommendations to improve your business and make sure it continues to thrive.

Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Family Entertainment Center Industry Consultants

With over forty years of experience operating FECs, Pinnacle Entertainment Group is a leader in consulting in the family entertainment center industry. We will work with you to develop your project from an idea into reality.

Our services go beyond just starting your business and can help you maintain a thriving, successful center for years to come. We have 40 years of experience; let us help you create your dream family entertainment center.