“Although experienced myself, I consulted with Pinnacle when selling my business. They assisted with the marketing plan and provided some great advice throughout the ultimately successful process.”

Harold Skripsky, Founder – The Enchanted Castle, Chicago, Illinois

If you are considering a purchase or sale of a Family Entertainment Center, Route, or related company we can help. Pinnacle is well experienced and positioned to understand and value family entertainment assets. We can play a high-value role in brokering acquisitions or joining your due diligence team. Similarly, when exiting a market, it is important to make sure you are getting top dollar for your facility and assets.

The team at Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors have expertise in all phases of a family entertainment center’s life cycle. Whether you are just getting started, looking to expand, or leaving a market, Pinnacle can help you have the confidence to make the right choices.

Business Analysis for Investors and Lenders

Pinnacle will help you help your clients and make sound investments. Here’s what you get with Pinnacle on your team:


Prominent lenders to the family entertainment industry know that their money is safer if Pinnacle Entertainment Group is on the team. We often examine the business plan, specifically assumptions, investment level, and projected revenues of a project for the lender and their client. If we believe the project is viable the client will typically hire us, at the recommendation of the lender, to increase profitability and help ensure the project is successful.


If we don’t believe the project is viable we will tell the lender and client. We have missed out on several consulting contracts over the years by telling the customer not to go forward. Some of the best advice we have ever given is telling someone after the initial consultation is “Don’t hire us and don’t pursue this project because it will fail for X, Y, and Z reasons.”

We have a steady pipeline of new customers, as well as over 100 former customers we continue to work with on an ongoing basis. We are open to new opportunities and strategic partners.