We support Family Entertainment Center (FEC) owners in all aspects of new facility development. Using proper business planning and design, we set up FECs to deliver superior guest experiences from the moment they open their doors. Often we work with the owners of existing businesses to add a family entertainment component, here are some of the types of facilities we work with:

The results speak for themselves:

Experienced Operators
We have actually operated FEC’s from 2,000 to 150,000 square feet. Let us teach you our proven systems.

Cost Control
Lower costs by ensuring you don’t overpay for games and systems. We often see customers paying 2-5% too much for games and/or buying expensive machines that are unnecessary. This can equal $20,000-$200,000 in unnecessary or inflated costs.

Minimized Delays
Each week your opening is delayed can cost you $2,000-$20,000.

Loss Prevention
By looking at a new client’s reports we suggested that someone was stealing. He said “no way, I’ve known these people for years.” Two months later he called to say the police were arresting his manager that day. Experience in using 21st century reporting has made catching theft and waste easier- If you know how to use them.

Maximized Revenues
Most costs are capital expenditures so an extra 10% of revenue from operational efficiency goes directly to the bottom line $10,000-$200,000 per year can be added by operating at the highest level.

How we maximize your revenue:

  • We teach you the science behind operating a 21st century game room. “IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE, BUT IT IS SCIENCE.”
  • We redesign your layout to optimize traffic flow, attraction to the room, and create a great customer experience.

Incorporating family entertainment concepts into an existing establishment offers opportunities for proprietors to expand their market reach, capture new revenue streams, and improve customer retention. Restaurants, bowling centers, movie theaters, indoor sports parks, water parks, and many other businesses, which thrive as varied destinations, can benefit from integrating entertainment center facilities into their existing business lines.

Pinnacle Entertainment Advisors has put their 30 years of entertainment facilities planning, operation, and networks to work for a diverse client group looking to provide the most engaging customer experience possible.