Feasibility-Historic Theater FEC Conversion:
The Workz in Cuyahoga Falls, OH

The Workz hired Pinnacle to fix a feasibility study they had purchased from another consultant but were unable to use for financing.


The ownership group of The Workz commissioned a feasibility study but were denied a loan by their bank. The building in question for their project was unique; a former theater. The study was generic in nature and not targeted to their specific property, so the income statement and business plan were not specifically relevant to their project.
Faced with mounting expenses and a challenging situation, they were referred to Pinnacle for assistance. Pinnacle agreed to revise their feasibility study with a plan to turn their building into a modern high-class Family Entertainment Center (FEC).

  • The Workz Interior
  • The Workz Interior 2
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  • The Workz VR Area
  • The Workz VR


  • Preserving History Integrity: This former theater was listed on the National Register of HIstoric Places, imposing strict preservation requirements. This meant much of the building had to remain in its original condition, including the stage.
  • Inflexible Flooring: The theater’s floor is poured concrete, meaning to replace it would have been cost-prohibitive, even if the historic preservation had allowed for it.
  • Space Constraints: The space within the building was relatively small for the envisioned FEC, limiting the variety and amount of attractions that could be put into it.
  • Small Front Spaces: There were two small spaces at the front of the building with big windows to the street. These tight spaces were too small to be part of the larger entertainment facility.
The Workz Bowling Area


  • Embracing the Stage: Pinnacle’s creative approach fully embraced the theater’s stage, transforming it into a dynamic space for live music and other performances. During non-performance hours, additional seating was arranged on the stage, maximizing its utilization.
  • Transferring Sloped Space: To address the sloped floor, Pinnacle constructed an elevated deck in the upper section of the facility. This flat space was dedicated to duckpin bowling, an arcade, and a bar. The sloped floor was repurposed with ramps leading to the lower section.
  • Optimizing the Small Space: The easiest solution to the small space would have been to simply fill it with arcade games. However, we believe additional attractions increase groups, parties, as well as length of stay. We included 4 lanes of duckpin bowling from Brunswick Bowling Products, as well as a Hologate VR System.
  • Transforming the Front Space: The small spaces at the front of the building were turned into quiet areas that are visually appealing from the street. These are places people can relax away from the excitement and noise of the entertainment space, which often includes live music.
  • The Workz Stage
  • The Workz Entrance Arcade
  • The Workz Entrance
  • The Workz Sign

The transformation of The Workz in Cuyahoga Falls from a historic theater into a thriving FEC stands as a testament to the synergy of creative problem-solving, operational expertise, and collaboration. Pinnacle’s partnership with the ownership group, a cooperative construction company, and a supportive landlord proved instrumental in preserving the building’s historic integrity, providing an enjoyable experience for guests, and yielding a substantial return on investment for all stakeholders. The property continues to thrive as a testament to the power of innovation and adaptive reuse in the entertainment industry.


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