This facility is part of the Bartholomy Bowling chain of Midwest bowling centers, owned by Andy Bartholomy (In 2007-08, we assisted in the chain’s conversion of the former River Lanes in Tulsa to Andy B’s, a state of the art Bowling-FEC Hybrid with 40 traditional lanes, 16 Boutique lanes, Indoor Go Karts, and a terrific 3,000 square foot, 50 piece state of the art redemption game room. A year later Andy decided to convert the game room at the smaller, traditional Broken Arrow Lanes to redemption).


Broken Arrow had 1,110 square feet for the game room. Prior to conversion it was dominated by video games, with a few redemption games, and accessed from the concourse by a standard three foot door. The conversion plan included opening up the doorway, adding a new, well designed redemption center visible from both the concourse and the games, and new paint and carpet. We also created a state of the art redemption game mix, 22 games in all, with the latest high earners and a selection to appeal to all age groups.

Strategic Network

Andy and manager Michelle Engelby are big believers in the power of debit card systems, and took the opportunity to add an Embed system, not only in the game room, but as a “whole house passport”. Another of Pinnacle’s Strategic Clients, Redemption Plus, is utilized as the merchandise management system.