In recent years, an exciting new trend has taken over the hospitality and entertainment industries. Often driven by the younger generations, this trend is one that promises to keep customers coming back for multiple visits. ”Eatertainment” has been gaining popularity and changing the way people go out to dine and play. 

As the term suggests, the concept combines the realms of dining and entertainment to create a new and memorable experience for guests. Eatertainment goes beyond the disjointed planning of going out for a meal and then having to find entertainment afterwards. Instead, it merges the two to offer an engaging experience that captivates customers. 

Beyond eatertainment’s appeal to customers, it offers many benefits to venue owners too. By embracing the concept, owners can differentiate themselves from traditional restaurants or entertainment venues and attract a larger customer base by generating increased foot traffic. This in turn has the potential to boost revenue and create a competitive edge in the industry. 

With its ability to create lasting memories for customers and its potential to increase revenue for businesses, eatertainment has emerged as a trend that continues to grow and offer many opportunities. 

Demystifying Eatertainment

adult arcade eatertainment

When looking for something to do for a night out, many people and families are looking for more than just a nice dinner or a couple of drinks in a bar—they want to have fun too. Eatertainment combines the idea of food, drinks, and activity, introducing entertainment elements to an eatery or bar. 

Customers not only enjoy a meal out, but participate in entertainment activities such as interactive dining, themed environments, virtual realities, and occasionally recreational sports. These types of venues often feature lively and social atmospheres, which brings in a wide range of customers from young adults to families and business groups. 

Early examples include places like the Rainforest Cafe, where the meal was more than just food, it was an experience. Today, eatertainment venues are more elaborate and involved. Think of TopGolf, Punch Bowl Social, and Dave and Busters.They combine food and drink with an unforgettable, interactive experience that keeps customers returning for more. 

Examples of Eatertainment Concepts

Not all Eatertainment venues have to be as elaborate as the original Dave and Busters. There are different types of experiences that can create an inviting and exciting experience for your guests. 

  • Themed Restaurants
  • Interactive Dining Restaurants
  • Live Performances
  • Virtual Reality Dining
  • Game-Based Dining
  • Culinary Experiences 
  • Redemption arcades

The point of eatertainment is that your guests are enjoying an added experience alongside their meal or drinks. Whether that’s a highly themed and interactive restaurant or a redemption arcades that helps fuel nostalgia, there are many options to find the right concept.

What Makes Eatertainment So Successful?

Despite growing inflation, people are looking for fun and entertainment when they go out, and aren’t settling for standard meals anymore. That’s where eatertainment comes in. According to the CEO of Punch Bowl Social, the industry is “the most disruptive force in the industry since the launch of fast casual.” 

Driving this change is the dining landscape are the influential groups of Millennials and Gen Z. They are more motivated to maximize the value of their hard-earned money while still wanting a personalized experience. They want more than just a simple meal, but rather an entire immersive encounter that helps create connections between friends. 

 This trend doesn’t just appeal to the younger crowds, though. Older generations and families are also looking for new and unique experiences. Instead of taking your mom out to brunch on Mother’s Day, for example, many are choosing to try something new and take a few swings at TopGolf, while enjoying some food and drinks. 

Eatertainment is also growing within the corporate world.;  Instead of a boring dinner out at a steakhouse, now your team can bond over games and activities while enjoying the latest cocktails. 

There are many reasons why the eatertainment concept is successful and appeals to many different sectors of society..

Fun social interaction

With any successful eatertainment, social interaction is one of the most important aspects. By providing opportunities for people to connect and participate in group activities, it helps to create a lively and memorable experience that helps to encourage repeat visits. 

Engaging entertainment

The entertainment and experience is what attracts people in the first place. Whether it’s live music, arcade games, or an interesting theme, the entertainment must be engaging and capable of captivating your audience. 

Delicious food and drinks

Although the entertainment is what draws customers to eatertainments, the food and beverages need to be high-quality. They must provide a diverse menu with delicious dishes, and of course many different types of drinks. 

A good money value

In order to be successful, owners must learn to balance the cost of entertainment and dining to ensure their customers feel they are getting the best experience for their money. Having specials, reasonable priced packages, and different options for any budget will help to expand the customer base and keep people coming back. 

Benefits of Being an Eatertainment Venue Owner

owning eatertainment

Eatertainment isn’t just an opportunity for customers to have new experiences. The industry also has many benefits to those who want to run a venue. It has proven to be a powerful tool for property owners to help differentiate themselves in a competitive market. 

By embracing this trend, owners have the potential to attract a large range of customers from young professionals to families, all looking for a new way to socialize and enjoy their time. Becoming an venue owner has numerous benefits including:

Increased foot traffic and revenue

Owning an eatertainment venue allows you to have multiple revenue streams beyond just food and beverage sales. By adding in entertainment elements, such as arcade games, you can generate more income from them and any additional integration of technology. 

Extended customer stay and repeat visits

Having immersive and tailored experiences creates the potential for customer loyalty. When customers have a positive experience they are more likely to return and recommend the venue to others, which can help to increase your customer base and repeat business. By having entertainment, you also are able to keep customers interested with changing themes, games, and more. 

Innovation and creativity

Eatertainment is on the cutting edge of the restaurant and entertainment industry. Because of this, owners have the opportunity to be creative and take more risks with technology and menu offerings. This flexibility lets owners adapt to changing trends and preferences, ensuring your venue remains relevant. 

Higher per-customer spending 

Eatertainment venues tend to have higher per-customer spending compared to traditional restaurants. This is because customers are not only paying for food and drinks, but the entertainment and experience. By offering all-encompassing packages you have the potential to attract people who are willing to pay more for the experience. 

How to Impress Your Guests at Your Eatertainment Venue

live show eatertainment

Creating a successful venue includes careful planning, attention to detail, and a focus on delivering exceptional and unique experiences. If you are interested in starting your eatertainment, keep the following in mind.

Develop a Clear Concept

Consider what type of experience you want to offer.  Is it a themed restaurant? A redemption arcade? Interactive dining? There are many different types of venues to choose from. Do your research to find out which style is something you are passionate about and can fit within your budget. 

Find a Unique Selling Point

Make sure your concept isn’t already out there, or if it is, find a way to make it better and unique. Invest in the latest technology and games to get one up on the competition. You want customers to choose you over anyone else. 

Immersive Experiences

Eatertainments can’t be just any old bar or restaurant. The details matter. Make sure decor, lighting, sound, and even smells, are on brand and can help impact your customer’s experience. Interactive elements are the key to creating a successful eatertainment concept. Don’t skimp on this part in the planning. 

High-Quality Food and DrinkDon’t forget to invest in good food and drink.While customers visit for the entertainment, the dining part is just as important. Guests won’t go back to an establishment if their food and beverages were of poor quality. 


Continuously adapt to changing trends and customer preferences. Don’t just stick with what you opened with as the years go by. Customers want to experience something new every time they visit. This means investing in new games or food experiences that will keep them entertained.  

Understand Market Dynamics – 

One of the many dynamics to consider is the type of market you are in. If you are by a tourist destination with a continuously new customer base, you will be able to charge more for your experience. However, there will likely be increased competition that needs to be considered. 

If you are a community-based entertainment venue, you will need to generate repeat business. This will typically require a lower price point to keep guests coming back.  

Why Open an Eatertainment Venue 

Eatertainment has become a popular trend in the hospitality and entertainment industries, and  a concept that is here to stay. Driven by the desire for unique and immersive experiences among customers, it provides a space for groups of all ages to engage in social interaction, while offering engaging entertainment and delightful food and beverages. 

By owning an eatertainment venue, owners have the opportunity to increase foot traffic, promote customer loyalty, and facilitate a higher per-customer spending. It provides a chance to break away from the traditional restaurant or even a regular entertainment venue and combine the best of both worlds. 

Owners should be sure to prioritize high-quality food and drinks, embrace innovation, and especially understand market trends. By considering these elements, venues can thrive and cater to the growing demand for innovative dining and entertainment experiences.