Arcade Dreams is the definitive documentary series on arcades and arcade games. The project spans 100 years of arcade history as told by important figures like Pinnacle founder, George McAuliffe. Since 1979, McAuliffe has been a figure in arcade history and contributed his insights and experience to the documentary.

In the documentary, McAuliffe covers the arcade boom of the early 1980’s, the arcade crash of 1984, and the recovery from that crash leading to the arcade “heyday” which he believes we are in now. The lessons learned during that historic low are more relevant than ever given the current pandemic-induced crash.  

In addition to McAuliffe, there are many contributors from the industry including collectors, arcade fanatics, historians, and important figures, like Gary Stern from Stern Pinball. Arcade Dreams follows the evolution of the arcades from the early 1900’s to the games we play today. 

The scope of arcade games and history is broad from penny arcades and pinball, to the mob, home consoles, Virtual Reality, and eSports. The first episode is complete, and now the team behind Arcade Dreams has organized a Kickstarter to fund the completion of the next two episodes of the three-episode series. Help us promote and fund this unique and existing project using the links below.

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