Game Room Launch Package

Pinnacle has operated redemption games since 1983. Our system helps redemption center operators maximize sales while maintaining controls and profitability. When opening a new center or adding a game room, there are a lot of moving parts which we will take care of for you, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Let us help you succeed

We offer a free one hour phone consultation to discuss how we can help with your project.

Typically, for a new center or major remodel we offer our Game Room Launch Package; however, we often work on custom projects for clients based on specific needs. We would love to discuss your project with you.

What We Do

We offer our standard package for only $8,500, which fits the needs of most operators. We are also able to customize packages based on your needs.

We will coordinate
Your game delivery, layout, and electrical guidelines.
Work with your design and construction team to avoid expensive mistakes.
Installation, including debit card installation, price setting, and payout settings.
Management of your product counter set-up and integration with your chosen Debit Card System.
Ensuring that all pieces are installed, operating, and integrated, and that your staff knows how to use them.
Establish all point of sales and individual game pricing

Essentially, you don’t have to worry about your games and related systems. We will handle all of this for your opening, so you can focus on your core business.

The Details

Redemption Game Selection- The Game List

The Game List is the list of games you will purchase. Here are the key benefits to using Pinnacle to purchase your games:

Correct Pricing: We make sure your pricing is not inflated. We purchase over $1 million in games each year and know the pricing including hidden fees like freight mark-ups and others.

Correct Games: We often save customers 10% or more on games because they have been recommended games that are unnecessary and expensive. In this case it is not the price of the specific game that is high but the game recommended could be replaced with a cheaper one. Sometimes a middle or lower earning game can actually be your most profitable, but you have to really understand the science and multiple factors that affect the long term ROI.

No Hidden Commissions: Our game distribution partner Shaffer Distributing does not pay us based on commissions or the value of your game purchase. We have an ongoing, long term relationship with them, based on creating value for our mutual customers.

Redemption Game Operation Standards- The Game Plan

In the Game Plan we establish the game mix, price per play, and payout standards for redemption games and direct merchandisers. This is an essential first step to maintaining your cost of sales budget. This plan will be the baseline you set to make sure you are maximizing your guest experience and center profitability. Specifically this controls your price per play, overall game revenues, and your cost of goods sold.

Redemption Prize System

Merchandise Plan: We will work closely with you and our Redemption Product Partner Rhode Island Novelty to create a merchandise plan to include: markup parameters, a full Price Point Matrix (selection of merchandise and set price points), and we establish merchandise categories to target specific demographics.

Ordering: We put together an initial order customized for the size of your redemption counter and the expected volume of your facility. Our Rhode Island Novelty merchandisers are available to come to your facility for the initial stocking of your redemption center; at that time we will also train your staff in the principles of merchandising the Redemption Center.

Strategies: Finally, we can provide you with procedures establishing a ‘closed loop” merchandise control system. This helps you to maximize game sales and control redemption costs, from ordering, through stocking, redemption to the customer, periodic inventory and management reporting systems.

Debit Card Systems

We are familiar with all of the major card and redemption management systems on the market. We work closely with Intercard the best in class Debit Card System provider. However, we are available to assist you in evaluating suppliers, developing requirements, evaluating economics, and in negotiating final debit card system proposal. Once selected we will work with you and the debit card system provider on system configuration and specifications to customize for Client’s operation. We typically assist in coordinating the install, training, and support with vendor.

Coordination of All Systems and Grand Opening

Making sure that your opening is on time and fully operational is our job. We will have a person on site for two days for no additional charge (Except travel expenses which will be paid by client.)

Our experience will help minimize or eliminate delays, which equals real dollars. Most facilities earn $2,000 to $20,000 per week, so each week the opening is delayed costs thousands.


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