A rapidly expanding business model is adding a Modern Redemption Game Room to a family restaurant. We have had tremendous success adding arcade game rooms to family restaurants. The most common arcade add-ons are in pizza restaurants, but we have proven success strategies for restaurants of all types. The game rooms in these locations are typically much smaller than those added to a Bowling Center or other large footprint facility. A room with at least 20 games is ideal.

There are several key reasons that this model works that are counter-intuitive to many experienced business owners.

  • Kids Bring the Whole Family
    Obviously, these rooms attract kids, who can help them pick your restaurant when they get to vote on where the family eats.
  • Birthday Parties
    Adding a game room will be a key ingredient to attracting the very lucrative birthday party market.
  • Improved Atmosphere for All
    Entertain the kids by providing them with a place to play, which makes the restaurant quieter for adults. (Many restaurateurs are afraid it will increase the noise.)
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities
    Game rooms increase the amount of time spent in the restaurant, increasing food and beverage sales to adults, while adding revenue in the game room from kids.
  • Quality Family Time
    Most parents, and even grandparents, grew up with arcade games, so the game room can be a place for several generations to play together.

We have worked on over 50 restaurant integrations over the last few years, and these facilities are often some of the most profitable per square foot. In fact, our all-time record sales per game occurred in one of these facilities in 2016! However, in order to do this right, it is essential to develop your facility correctly from the beginning. Simply putting games in the restaurant isn’t enough.

Maximizing profitability in an arcade is not Rocket Science but it is Science!