We recently completed our most successful game room integration at an indoor sports park! We are actively looking for new clients in this category because of the significant potential. We are regular speakers at the US Indoor Sports Association Conference.

Indoor Sports Facilities are a nearly $1 billion dollar industry in the United States. Adding an arcade to an existing Indoor Sports Facility is a natural fit.

We have identified several key reasons to add a Redemption Arcade to a Indoor Sports Facility:

  • Entertainment for the Whole Family
    Adding entertainment provides additional incentives to bring the whole family to a league game.
  • Parties
    Nearly every sports team in your leagues, has a post season party. Having a modern redemption game room in the facility will make you a go to party destination for teams. In addition, it will increase the attractiveness of the facility for birthday parties. Adding a game room will be a key ingredient to attracting the very lucrative team and birthday party markets.
  • Increased Customer Base
    Provide another attraction to bring families to the facility on nights they are not playing in a league, or to bring in an entirely new segment of customers.
  • Increased Revenue Opportunities
    Adding games increases the total spend per visit of existing customers.

If you are considering adding a Redemption Arcade to your Indoor Soccer or Indoor Sports Facility we would love to talk with you.