The Pinnacle Report Volume 1 #6

GO to to become a Pinnacle Insider now! The doors to this exclusive club for operators of Family and Bowling Entertainment Centers (FEC’s and BEC’s) are open and waiting for you. Many of you have told us that you’ve found this monthly report useful, beginning next month it will be available exclusively to our Insiders. We’ll be working hard to report actionable data from real time sales reports, game reviews backed by ROI focused analysis, promotions and marketing ideas and assets, and general information to share what’s working from throughout the Insider universe.

The Pinnacle Report Volume 1 #5

Our first value-added deal for you is signed! The Insider has teamed up with FetchRev, the Arizona-based digital marketing firm, to provide Pinnacle Insider’s with a proven, easy-to-manage way to interact (and sell) to your customers online. Insider’s who opt for the service will find special Pinnacle pricing- we estimate the savings will pay for your Insider subscription many times over (not to mention the direct revenue and repeat customers you’ll generate using FetchRev). You can learn more about FetchRev and their service offerings here.